West Virginia Home

When we were kids our family drove from New York to Bomont, West Virginia every year for great summer vacations with my Mom’s side of the family at the Moore home there.

In June 2016 a disastrous hundred year flood swept through that area of West Virginia and the creek at Bomont rose so high that it caused irreparable damage to the Moore house.

Despite this sad event, as I was remembering good times we had at Bomont so many years ago, these lyrics came to me and I wrote this song as a celebration of home and family. With the loss of people and things through the inevitable march of time, good memories are the best and still bring a smile.

“West Virginia Home” 

Vin D’Onofrio - guitars, vocal, music & lyrics
Bobby Tsukamoto - bass
© 2016 Miles Away Music BMI
This image at the top of this page is a 24 x 36 oil painting. The title and dedication on the back is:
“The Moore Home, Bomont, West Virginia on Porter’s Creek after a summer rain storm. For my parents Ruth Moore and Phil D’Onofrio for all the great summers by Vin D’Onofrio 2005“